NFL 2018 Survivor grid

NFL season is upon us and with it, we inevitably get invitations to all sorts of fantasy leagues or survivor pools. I’m not one for fantasy sports, but I’m gonna test my luck in a prize-pool survivor league this year.

Survivor is fascinating: pick a team to win a game every single week; you can’t pick the same team twice; you get one game wrong, you’re out. Brutal. Truth is, I’m getting into Survivor pool for the very first time this season, but I’ve been betting on season win totals for couple years now and I have a good understanding of how good my preseason numbers are. Negative or positive, you’ll always get surprise-teams. That happens every single year, nothing we can do about it, just to be aware of teams with plenty of question marks surrounding them.

Like I said, I’m a first-timer, and my strategy goes like this: don’t waste the best teams early in the year unless they are actually the best possible pick when it comes to long-term strategy (I might save Patriots until week 16); don’t risk early on teams with potentially really good upside (Bears, 49ers in some spots) until they prove themselves.


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